1 Day Format: $200, 600 rounds minimum

2 Day Format: $400, 800 rounds minimum

3 Day Format: $500, 1200 rounds minimum

Performance Handgun is a performance based shooting program. We take everything you’ve learned from Practical Handgun and really start to push outside the comfort zone. This course is designed for shooters who have a SOLID understanding of shooting concepts that were covered in Practical Handgun or PACC and want to push the limits of their abilities with speed, distance, and one handed shooting. This course is all about the shooting!

Topics Covered

  • Safety
  • Fundamentals of Practical Performance shooting
  • One and two handed presentations of the handgun (Draws)
  • Reloading the handgun
  • Visual conditioning and acuity as it relates to shooting
  • Subconcious aspects of shooting
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Shooting while moving
  • Multiple target engagements
  • Intro to how to practice
  • Shooting on the Move/Moving to shoot

Required Equipment

  • An open mind with a desire to learn!
  • Completion of at least the 2 Day Format of Practical Handgun or equivalent, USPSA C class shooter, or IDPA Sharpshooter rating. (Please contact us for equivalent courses and experience)
  • Handgun suitable for carry/duty use. Nothing smaller than a M&Pc or G19. (If you have questions about whether your gun is suitable or not, please do not hesitate to contact us!)
  • At least 3 magazines/speed loaders, more for single stack or revolver running less than 8 rounds
  • Holster suitable for carry/duty/competition use
  • Way to carry at least 2 magazines/speed loaders on your person. (A belt mounted magazine pouch/speed loaders carrier is HIGHLY suggested)
  • Reliable ammunition for your handgun (1 day: 600rds, 2 day: 800rds, 3 day: 1200rds. These are minimum requirements. The more ammo the better!)
  • A belt suitable to carry your handgun and ammunition
  • Eye protection (ANSI rated)
  • Hearing protection