1 Day Format: $200, 500 rounds minimum

2 Day Format: $400, 800 rounds minimum

3 Day Format: $500, 1200 rounds minimum

PCH is a performance based shooting program. We show you the fundamentals of the practical application of carrying a concealed handgun. This course is designed for shooters who have a general understanding of shooting concepts as they apply to concealed carry but want to refine and expand their abilities and really learn how to shoot the handgun efficiently and effectively from concealment. If you have your concealed carry license but aren’t sure where to go from there, this is a great place!

Topics Covered

  • Safety
  • Breaking down the fundamentals of Performance shooting
  • Effective methods of carry
  • How to chose purpose driven equipment
  • Efficient presentation of the handgun from concealment (Draws)
  • How to grip the gun effectively
  • Embracing and managing recoil
  • Trigger press it relates to performance
  • Efficient presentation of the handgun (Draws)
  • Tracking sights/Shot calling
  • Efficient methods of reloading of the handgun
  • How to let vision drive shooting
  • Shooting while moving vs. moving to shoot
  • Target/Area transitions
  • “How to Practice” primer

Required Equipment

  • An open mind with a desire to learn!
  • Handgun suitable for everyday carry. Nothing smaller than a M&Pc or G19. (If you have questions about whether your gun is suitable or not, please do not hesitate to contact us!)
  • At least 3 magazines/speed loaders, more for single stack or revolver running less than 8 rounds
  • Holster suitable for all day concealed carry and training use. (There are several holsters out there that DO NOT meet this requirement. The holster should at a minimum cover the trigger, including trigger guard, retain its shape without having a gun in it, not require you to remove holster in order to reholster, be built for your gun. If you have even an inkling that your holster does not meet this requirement, please contact us immediately! Currently, we do not allow any gun mounted “clip” systems, shoulder holsters, cross draw style holsters, versa carry, or RCS Vanguard series of holsters.)
  • Concealment garment/method
  • Way to carry at least 1 magazines/speed loader on your person. (A belt mounted magazine pouch/speed loaders carrier is HIGHLY suggested)
  • Reliable ammunition for your handgun (1 day: 500rds, 2 day: 800rds, 3 day: 1200rds. These are minimum requirements. The more ammo the better!)
  • A belt suitable to carry your handgun and ammunition
  • Eye protection (ANSI rated)
  • Hearing protection