Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Squatch!!!


Here’s a new drill for you guys to shoot this week/weekend. In honor of one of our instructors, and the inventor of this drill, “Sethsquatch,” I give you… The Squatch!!! Here’s what it looks like:

Distance: Starting at 10 yards (Increase for more difficulty)

Target: USPSA or IDPA

Drill/Exercise: Draw and fire one round to the head, two rounds to the body, one round to the head, perform a reload (slide lock or speed, shooters choice), then reengage with one round to the head, two rounds to the body, and one round to the head.

PAR: 6.00 (Decrease/Increase PAR as necessary for your current skill level)

And there you have the “Squatch” drill. This one forces you to switch gears and focus points throughout the course of fire, drawing to a smaller hit zone, moving to a larger zone, and back and forth. To get your time and your hits you really need to be moving on this one. Take it out to the range this weekend, play with it, and tell us what you think! Now, grab your gear and go shoot!

PPT Interviews Frank Proctor!

As those of you who follow us on Facebook (Practical Performance on Facebook) know, I (A.J.) had a chance to head down and shoot with my buddy Frank Proctor a few weeks ago. It was a good weekend, one day of carbine and one day of pistol. Frank graciously filmed a short Q&A video with me about performance shooting and training as he saw it. There’s a lot of good information in this video, some of which is very subtle. You can find it on the PPT YouTube Channel and while you’re there go ahead and subscribe to it! There are tons of new videos coming, to include an awesome Q&A with my good friend The Yeti, Steve Fisher. Stay tuned for a bunch of new content as well as some info on courses and guys joining the Practical Performance team. Now, grab your gear and go shoot!